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MODE DESIGN embarked on an international collaborative partnership network with our associated European Company MARTINELI in year 2019. It involves exchange of designers, trends, portfolio.

Eng. Gospodin Dinev Cherkezov

“I like to prove myself and compete ever since I have been a child and I think I keep doing it today. I am accustomed to being trusted and I am not afraid of challenges, but I do not act hastily, and I think through every single move carefully. I do not take myself “seriously” and I prefer my deeds to speak for me.

I started work for Martineli 20 years ago when the company entered the kitchen business from Greece. The owner of Martineli gathered Vanya and myself in a team almost 16 years ago. It was during the years of rapid growth and supply of many new Italian furniture brands on our market, I had the technical knowledge and experience and Vanya had ideas and experience in dealing with clients. Things did not go as if we had a magic wand, as one could expect Leo and Scorpio and everyone had to pass the stress test to resolve ethical and working problems without reflecting to the customer service.”

Vanya Borislavova Miovska

“I have been working as an interior designer in the company for 16 years. I’m a creative personality. I like to combine fabrics, colours, to create atmosphere, to achieve style that speaks of individuality. It is important for me the thing that person deals with or makes to be at a high level, to fit him or her and to speak his or her name personally.”

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