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Stosa kitchens are designed to make life better by furnishing space with high-design, top-quality products. Stosa's vast range of classic and modern kitchens is sure to satisfy your needs and make your home more welcoming and personal.
// KITCHENS // Infinity
The modern kitchen with infinite choice.
Metropolis STOSA Singapore.jpg
An infinite combination of materials and colours for breathing new life into your kitchen.
// KITCHENS // Natural
Natural STOSA Singapore.jpg
Beautiful kitchens in real wood.
// KITCHENS // Aliant
Aliant STOSA Singapore.jpg
The perfect kitchen for refined tastes.
ColorTrend STOSA Singapore.jpg
Minimalist in style, maximalist in personalisation.
// KITCHENS // Aleve
Aleve STOSA Singapore.jpg
Contemporary, alternative and rich in details.
Frame STOSA Singapore.jpg
Framed panel doors for the modern kitchen.
// KITCHENS // Newport
Newport STOSA Singapore.jpg
The kitchen that gives your home a cosmopolitan, international atmosphere.
Tosca STOSA Singapore.jpg
The classic kitchen with essential lines and a contemporary soul.
// KITCHENS // Replay
REPLAY STOSA Singapore.jpg
Striking materials and bright colours in a kitchen guaranteed to please.
YORK STOSA Singapore.jpg
Elegance and functionality in perfect harmony.
// KITCHENS // City
CITY STOSA Singapore.jpg
Prestigious materials and creative charm.
MAYA STOSA Singapore.jpg
The "love at first sight" kitchen.
// KITCHENS // Rewind
REWIND STOSA Singapore.jpg
The beauty of simplicity.
Beverly STOSA Singapore.jpg
Where classic and modern designs meet.
STOSA Table Mode Design Singapore.jpg
Stosa designs and produces modern, classic and contemporary kitchen tables, chairs and stools. Discover our complete range of wood and metal tables and chairs.
// Living Room (TV Consoles)
STOSA Living Mode Design Singapore.jpg
The rooms are in dialogue through the furniture, geometries, and finishes, maintaining the specificity of their functions
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